The Vampire Diaries is an American horror-romance television series that debuted on the CW Network in September of 2009. The show is based upon a series of novels written by L.J. Smith. Its tone and story-structure was largely inspired by the popularity of the Twilight film series. The first half of season one ran for ten episodes in 2009 and resumed airing in January, 2010. The story follows the journey of a young woman named Elena Gilbert of the fictional town of Mystic Falls who finds herself the object of affection of two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Both brothers take sharp note of the fact that Elena bears a strong resemblance to a 19th century vampire named Katherine Pierce - a woman who had garnered the affections of both men.

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  • The Vampire Diaries is based on a series of young adult novels by author L.J. Smith. The series includes:
  • The Awakening
  • The Struggle
  • The Fury
  • Dark Reunion
  • The Return: Nightfall
  • The Return: Shadow Souls
  • The Return: Midnight
  • The Hunters: Phantom
  • The Hunters: Moonsong
  • The Hunters: Eternity
  • Author L.J. Smith is also responsible for writing another series of novels called The Secret Circle. These were likewise adapted into a television series which aired on Thursday nights at 9:00pm from September, 2011 to March, 2012, right after The Vampire Diaries.

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  • The vampire special effects used in the series are provided by Entity FX.

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  • Elena's house is filmed at 1904 Floyd Street NE in Covington, Georgia.
  • Tyler's house is filmed at 2129 East Street SE in Covington, Georgia.
  • Gram's house is filmed at 2136 Conyers Street SE in Covington, Georgia.

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  1. The Return
  2. Brave New World 
  3. Bad Moon Rising 
  4. Memory Lane 
  5. Kill or Be Killed 
  6. Plan B
  7. Masquerade 
  8. Rose 
  9. Katerina 
  10. The Sacrifice 
  11. By the Light of the Moon
  12. The Decent 
  13. Daddy Issues
  14. Crying Wolf 
  15. The Dinner Party 
  16. The House Guest 
  17. Know Thy Enemy
  18. The Last Dance 
  19. Klaus
  20. The Last Day
  21. The Sun Also Rises 
  22. As I Lay Dying 

Season Three Edit

  1. The Birthday 
  2. The Hybrid
  3. The End of the Affair 
  4. Unknown
  5. The Reckoning 
  6. Smells Like Teen Spirit 
  7. Ghost World 
  8. Ordinary People 
  9. Homecoming 
  10. The New Deal
  11. Our Town
  12. The Ties That Bind 
  13. Bringing Out The Dead 
  14. Dangerous Liasons
  15. All My Children
  16. 1912
  17. Break On Through
  18. The Murder of One
  19. Heart of Darkness
  20. Do Not Go Gentle 
  21. Before Sunset
  22. The Departed

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