Still Life was the little show that never was. The series was developed by 20th Century Fox Television and sold to the FOX Network who optioned an initial six episodes in 2003. In typical FOX fashion, they yanked the series without airing a single episode. Had it not been killed in it's infancy, the series would have starred David Keith, Susanna Thompson, Bryce Johnson, Audrey Marie Anderson, Jensen Ackles, Jeanette Brox, Chad Faust and Morena Baccarin. The premise of the show centered on the untimely death of police officer Jake Morgan (Bryce Johnson) who was killed on his first day as a cop. The series is narrated by Bryce Johnson and chronicles the life of his family as they try to cope with their loss.

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  • "Not Fade Away" is also the title to the series finale of Angel.
  • Actor Jensen Ackles moved on to bigger and better things. After a single-season supporting cast stint on Smallville, he later took a leading role in the popular CW Network television series Supernatural.
  • Actor Chad Faust would later go on to have a recurring role on The 4400 as Chad Baldwin.

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