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Russell Mulcahy
Russell Mulcahy
Gender: Male
Roles: Executive producer; Director
Date of birth: June 23rd, 1953
Place of birth: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Notable works: Tales from the Crypt
Teen Wolf

As a director Edit

Eye Candy Edit

  1. Eye Candy: K3U
  2. Eye Candy: BRB

Jeremiah Edit

  1. Jeremiah: The Long Road

Lizzie Borden Chronicles Edit

  1. Lizzie Borden Chronicles: Flowers
  2. Lizzie Borden Chronicles: Welcome to Maplecroft

Teen Wolf Edit

  1. Teen Wolf: Wolf Moon
  2. Teen Wolf: Second Chance at First Line
  3. Teen Wolf: Pack Mentality
  4. Teen Wolf: Co-Captain
  5. Teen Wolf: Formality
  6. Teen Wolf: Code Breaker
  7. Teen Wolf: Omega
  8. Teen Wolf: Shape Shifted
  9. Teen Wolf: Frenemy
  10. Teen Wolf: Restraint
  11. Teen Wolf: Raving
  12. Teen Wolf: Tattoo
  13. Teen Wolf: Chaos Rising
  14. Teen Wolf: Currents
  15. Teen Wolf: Visionary
  16. Teen Wolf: The Overlooked
  17. Teen Wolf: Lunar Ellipse
  18. Teen Wolf: Anchors
  19. Teen Wolf: Illuminated
  20. Teen Wolf: Letharia Vulpina
  21. Teen Wolf: The Divine Move
  22. Teen Wolf: The Dark Moon
  23. Teen Wolf: The Benefactor
  24. Teen Wolf: Orphaned
  25. Teen Wolf: Smoke and Mirrors
  26. Teen Wolf: Creatures of the Night
  27. Teen Wolf: Dreamcatchers
  28. Teen Wolf: Strange Frequencies
  29. Teen Wolf: Status Asthmaticus
  30. Teen Wolf: The Last Chimera
  31. Teen Wolf: Amplification
  32. Teen Wolf: Lie Ability
  33. Teen Wolf: Apotheosis

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