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My Three Sons
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Title: My Three Sons
Format: Live-action
Genres: Comedy
Rating: TV-G
Running time: 30 min.
country: USA
Network: ABC (S1-5)
CBS (S6-12)
Seasons: 12
Episodes: 380
Production company: MCA Television
Executive producers: Don Fedderson
Producers: Edmund L. Hartmann
Peter Tewksbury
George Tibbles
Fred Henry
Principal cast: Starring
Fred MacMurray

Beverly Garland

Tim Considine

Meredith MacRae

Don Grady

Tina Cole

Stanley Livingston

Ronne Troup

Barry Livingston

Dawn Lyn

Daniel Todd

Michael Todd

Joseph Todd

William Demarest
as Uncle Charley

William Frawley
as Bub
Air dates
First aired: September 29th, 1960
Last aired: April 13th, 1972
  • My Three Sons is an American television series of the comedy/family genres. The show was created by George Tibbles and produced by MCA Television. It ran for a total of twelve seasons and 380 episodes. It aired on ABC for five seasons from 1960 to 1965 and on CBS for six seasons from 1966 until its cancellation in 1972. The original cast lineup consisted of Fred MacMurray, William Frawley, Tim Considine, Don Grady and Stanley Livingston. Of those, only MacMurray and Livingston remained on the series for all twelve seasons. Barry Livingston joined the cast of My Three Sons with season four and William Demarest joined with season six. In season eight, Tina Cole became a series regular playing Katie Miller Douglas. Season ten saw the addition of Beverly Garland and Dawn Lyn in the roles of Barbara Harper Douglas and Dodie Harper Douglas respectively. Ronne Troup joined the show for the final two seasons as Polly Williams Douglas.


Season One[]

Season Two[]

Season Three[]

Season Four[]

Season Five[]

Season Six[]

Season Seven[]

Season Eight[]

Season Nine[]

Season Ten[]

Season Eleven[]

Season Twelve[]

Episode Cast[]

  • Fred MacMurray - Steve Douglas
  • William Frawley (Seasons 1-5) - Bub O'Casey, Steve's father-in-law
    born: February 26, 1887 — died: March 3, 1966
  • William Demarest (Seasons 5-12) - Charley O'Casey, Bub's younger brother and Steve's uncle-in-law
  • Beverly Garland (Seasons 10-12) - Barbara Harper, Steve's 2nd wife
  • Tim Considine (Seasons 1-5) - Mike Douglas, Steve's son
  • Meredith MacRae (Seasons 4-5) - Sally Ann Morrison, Mike's wife
  • Don Grady (Seasons 1-11) - Robbie Douglas Sr, Steve's son
  • Tina Cole (Seasons 8-12) - Katie Miller, Robbie's wife
  • Stanley Livingston - Chip Douglas, Steve's son
  • Ronne Troup (Seasons 11-12) - Polly Williams, Sally's maternal cousin and Chip's wife
  • Barry Livingston (Seasons 4-12) - Ernie Thompson, Steve's adoptive son
  • Dawn Lyn (Seasons 10-12) - Dodie Harper, Barbara's daughter
    born: January 11, 1963
  • Michael Todd (Seasons 11-12) - Robbie Douglas Jr, Robbie & Katie's son
    born: August 5, 1967
  • Daniel Todd (Seasons 11-12) - Steve Douglas II, Robbie & Katie's son
    born: August 5, 1967
  • Joseph Todd (Seasons 11-12) - Charley Douglas, Robbie & Katie's son
    born: August 5, 1967

The Douglas Family[]

First Generation[]

  • Steve Douglas (the son-in-law of Bub O'Casey and nephew-in-law of Charley O'Casey)
  • Barbara Harper - Steve's 2nd wife

Second Generation[]

  • Mike Douglas - Steve's son
    (1st child)
  • Sally Douglas - Mike's wife
  • Robbie Douglas, Sr. - Steve's son
    (2nd child)
  • Katie Douglas - Robbie's wife
  • Chip Douglas - Steve's son
    (3rd child)
  • Polly Douglas - Chip's wife
  • Ernie Douglas (born: Ernie Thompson) - Steve's adoptive son
    (4th child)
  • Dodie Harper - Barbara's daughter
    (5th child)

Third Generation[]

  • Triplets:
    Robbie Douglas, Jr. - Robbie & Katie's son — after named his father Robbie Douglas, Sr.
    Steve Douglas II - Robbie & Katie's son — after named his paternal grandfather Steve Douglas
    Charley Douglas - Robbie & Katie's son — after named his maternal great-great-uncle Charley O'Casey
    (1st, 2nd & 3rd child)

Orphan Boy named Ernie Thompson[]

  • Orphan Boy named Ernie Thompson
  • His adoptive family:
    Steve Douglas - the adoptive father of Ernie
  • Barbara Harper - the adoptive stepmother of Ernie
  • Mike Douglas - the adoptive older brother of Ernie
  • Sally Morrison - the adoptive sister-in-law of Ernie
  • Robbie Douglas, Sr. - the adoptive older brother of Ernie
  • Katie Miller - the sister-in-law of Ernie
  • Chip Douglas - the adoptive older brother of Ernie
  • Polly Williams - the adoptive sister-in-law of Ernie
  • Dodie Harper - the adoptive younger stepsister of Ernie
  • Robbie Douglas, Jr. (after named his father) - the adoptive nephew of Ernie
  • Steve Douglas II (after named his paternal grandfather) - the adoptive nephew of Ernie
  • Charley Douglas (after named his maternal great-great-uncle) - the adoptive nephew of Ernie

Fourth Families[]

Men and His Family[]

  • Steve Douglas
  • Barbara Harper - the 2nd wife of Steve
  • Ernie Douglas - the adoptive son of Steve (4th child)
    (born: Ernie Thompson)
  • Dodie Harper - the daughter of Barbara (5th child)

1st Son and His Family[]

  • Mike Douglas - the son of Steve (1st child)
  • Sally Douglas - the wife of Mike

2nd Son and His Family[]

  • Robbie Douglas, Sr. - the son of Steve (2nd child)
  • Katie Douglas - the wife of Robbie
  • Robbie Douglas, Jr. - the son of Robbie & Katie and triplet brother of Steve & Charley (1st child)
  • Steve Douglas II - the son of Robbie & Katie and triplet brother of Robbie & Charley (2nd child)
  • Charley Douglas - the son of Robbie & Katie and triplet brother of Robbie & Steve (3rd child)

3rd Son and His Family[]

  • Chip Douglas - the son of Steve (3rd child)
  • Polly Douglas - the wife of Chip

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