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Mia Smoak
Aliases: Mia Queen Speedy
Series: Arrow
Gender: Female
Notability: Supporting character
Location: Star City
Relatives: Oliver Queen
Felicity Smoak
Thea Queen
Emiko Queen
William Clayton
Robert Queen
Moira Queen
Status: Alive
Born: 2019
First: "Unmasked"
Actor: Katherine McNamara

Mia Smoak is a fictional cage fighter and a supporting character featured on the CW Network television series Arrow. Played by actress Katherine McNamara, she first appeared in the season seven episode, "Unmasked".


Mia Smoak was born in late 2019. She was the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. She was Oliver's second child, but his first with Felicity. She was Felicity's first child. She had an older half-brother named William Clayton. She was raised to defend herself and was trained in martial arts by Nyssa al Ghul.

By the year 2040, Mia Smoak lived outside The Glades, and worked as a cage fighter. Her mother had long since disappeared by this point, and many believed her to be dead. She met up with her half-brother for the first time, and together they (reluctantly) worked together to find Felicity.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Mia is short for Moira. She was named after Moira Queen, Oliver's mother. [1]


Arrow (2019)

  • Season 7:
    • Episode 8: Unmasked
    • Episode 12: Emerald Archer
    • Episode 13: Star City Slayer
    • Episode 14: Brothers & Sisters
    • Episode 15: Training Day

Supergirl (2020)

  • Crisis on infinite Earths: Part One

Batwoman (2020)

  • Crisis on infinite Earths: Part Two

The Flash (2020)

  • Crisis on infinite Earths: Part Three

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