"Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the West was young and adventure lie at the end of every trail."
"Enter the Lone Ranger"
Series The Lone Ranger
Season 1, Episode 1
Lone Ranger 1x01 001
Air date September 15th, 1949
Writers George B. Seitz, Jr.
Director George B. Seitz, Jr.
Producers Jack Chertok; Harry Poppe; George W. Trendle
Starring Clayton Moore; Jay Silverheels
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"The Lone Ranger Fights On"

"Enter the Lone Ranger" is the first episode of season one of the western TV series The Lone Ranger. The episode was written and directed by George B. Seitz, Jr. based on concepts originally developed by Fran Striker. It first aired on ABC on September 15th, 1949. The episode reveals the origin of John Francis Reid, a Texas ranger who survives a massacre that claims the life of six law officers, including his own brother. He is befriended by a Native American named Tonto and inspired to avenge injustice as the masked rider known as the Lone Ranger.

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  • Premiere episode. This episode is the first in a three-chapter story-arc chronicling the origin of the Lone Ranger.
  • Actors Victor Cox, Frank Fenton, Kansas Moehring, Carl Sepulveda and Gerald Mohr are all uncredited for their participation in this episode.
  • Actor George J. Lewis is best known for playing Don Alejandro de la Vega - father of another infamous masked western hero - Zorro in the Zorro television series by the Walt Disney Company.

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