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Lila Pitts
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Lila Pitts
Continuity: Umbrella Academy
Gender: Female
Notability: Supporting character
Occupation: Mental patient
Race: Human
Location: Dallas, Texas
Associations: Temps Commission
Status: Alive
First: "Right Back Where We Started"
Actor: Ritu Arya

Lila Pitts is a fictional mental patient and a supporting character featured in the Umbrella Academy television series on Netflix. Played by actress Ritu Arya, she was introduced in the premiere episode of season two titled "Right Back Where We Started".


When Lila was four-years-old, she walked into a room at her home to find her parents dead; apparent murder victims of a home invasion. This was when her troubles started. [1]

As an adult, Lila Pitts was a mental patient who resided at a mental health facility in Dallas, Texas in the early 1960s. She befriended a committed patient named Diego Hargreeves, who actually wasn't insane, but his foreknowledge of the fated assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy made him appear as if he suffered from delusions. Diego broke out of the facility and decided to bring Lila with him. Lila served as his sounding board and getaway driver as Diego conspired on a scheme to save the President.

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