Hemlock Grove
Hemlock Grove
Title: Hemlock Grove
Format: Live-action
Genres: Horror
Supernatural fantasy
Rating: TV-MA
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA
Network: Netflix
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 33
Production company: Gaumont International Television
ShineBox SMC
Executive producers: Brian McGreevy; Deran Sarafian; Michael A. Connolly; Lee Shipman; Mark Verheiden; Eric Newman; Daniel Paige; Eli Roth
Producers: Rafe Judkins; Lynn Raynor; Lauren LeFranc; Tim King; Gregg Simon
Principal cast: Famke Janssen; Bill Skarsgård; Landon Liboiron; Penelope Mitchell; Freya Tingley; Dougray Scott
Air dates
First aired: April 19th, 2013
Last aired: October 23rd, 2015

Hemlock Grove is an American television series of the supernatural fantasy genre. It is produced and released through Netflix and has only been made available through their instant streaming video service. The series was created by Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman, based upon a book by McGreevy. It was produced by Gaumont International Television and ShineBox SMC and premiered on April 19th, 2013. Season one of the series consisted of thirteen episodes. The series stars Famke Janssen as Olivia Godfrey, Bill Skarsgård as Roman Godfrey, Landon Liboiron as Peter Rumancek, Penelope Mitchell as Letha Godfrey, Freya Tingley as Christina Wendall and Dougray Scott as Norman Godfrey. Recurring guest stars include Lili Taylor as Lynda Rumancek, Kandyse McClure as Clementine Chasseur, Joel de la Fuente as Johann Pryce, Laurie Fortier as Marie Godfrey and Aaron Douglas as Tom Sworn.

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  • The tagline to the series is "Welcome to Hemlock Grove. Please die carefully". The tagline is featured on a community welcome sign in a promotional image. The original phrase is intended to be "Please drive carefully, with the R and the V missing from the sign, thus spelling out the word "die".

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