The basic RULES of the TV Database Wiki.

Don't touch that dial... Edit

WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK.... just as soon as we figure out some friggin' guidelines to put on this page.

Programs Edit

Categories Edit

Program pages

  • All program pages should have the following categories included:
  • Production company category (may be more than one)
  • Network category (primary network only unless in syndication)
  • Decade/Programs Include each decade that the program was in it's original run
  • Year/Premiere
  • Year/Cancellations
  • Title/Miscellaneous (the parent category of the program)
  • Genres and ratings will be automatically populated by using the correct templates in the Genres field of the infobox.

Program categories

  • All programs should have the following categories linked to their base pagename category.
* [[:Category:Title]]
* [[:Category:Title/Episodes]]
* [[:Category:Title/Season 1 episodes]]
* [[:Category:Title/Season 2 episodes]]
* [[:Category:Title/Miscellaneous]]
* [[:Category:Title/Templates]]
* [[:Category:Title/Crew members]]
* [[:Category:Title/Images]]
* [[:Category:Title/Characters]]
* [[:Category:Title/Miscellaneous]]

Program templates

* [[:Template:Title SA]] (to be placed under the See also section on pages. 
* [[:Template:Title crew]] (optional template; saves a little on typing)
* [[:Template:Title misc]] (optional template; saves a little on typing)

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