George Usher
X-Files 1x03 003
George Usher
Series: The X-Files
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Occupation: Businessman
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Status: Deceased
Died: 1993
First: "Squeeze"
Actor: Terence Kelly

George Usher was a minor character featured in the FOX Network television series The X-Files. Played by actor Terence Kelly, he appeared in the third episode of season one, "Squeeze".

Biography Edit

George Usher was a businessman who worked in a highrise office building in Baltimore, Maryland. One evening in 1993, Usher returned to his office at about 8:30 pm after failing to impress potential clients with a presentation. He called home and left a message for his wife on the answering machine, telling her that the presentation did not go very well and that he would be working late.

After hanging up, Usher prepared to pour himself a cup of coffee for a long night of work, unaware that a serial killer named Eugene Victor Tooms had managed to break into the office by contorting his body through the building's ventilation shafts. When Usher returned to the office, Tooms attacked him, killing him and ripping out his liver with his bare hands, which he then consumed.

The murder of George Usher was handed over to the FBI field office and Special Agent Tom Colton was placed in charge of the case. Unable to determine any visible points of entry, Colton conferred with a colleague from the Academy, Dana Scully, who in turn, brought in an expert on bizarre crimes, Fox Mulder. Their combined efforts eventually led them to Tooms who was incarcerated.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • George Usher is the first character seen in "Squeeze". He is also the first character who is killed in the episode.
  • Actor Terence Kelly also played the role of Detective Kerney in the "Kingdom Come" episode of Millennium and a father in "The Fourth Horseman" episode, where he was credited as Terrence Kelly.
  • Eugene Victor Tooms harvested and consumed human livers because of the recuperative properties of the organ, which slowed down the aging process. After eating five livers, Tooms would go into a state of hibernation for thirty years, after which he would awaken and repeat the acts.
  • George Usher is survived by an unnamed wife.

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