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"Girls Gone Dead"
Series Femme Fatales
Season 1, Episode 7
Girls Gone Dead.jpg
Air date June 17th, 2011
Writers Greg Pritikin
Director Greg Pritikin
Producers Mark A. Altman; Steve Kriozere
Starring Tanit Phoenix
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"Girls Gone Dead" is the seventh episode of season one of the anthology series Femme Fatales. It was written and directed by Greg Pritikin. It first aired on Cinemax on Friday, June 17th, 2011.


This episode follows a group of hot and bothered sorority girls who, in a seemingly desperate bid for some fast cash, agree to star in a raunchy home video series for infamous entrepreneurs Jay Roma and Kip. But the girls may have darker motives!


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  • Lilith: [in a school uniform] Psychologists believe that the brain doesn't stop maturing until we're well into our twenties. So what does that mean for a girl who's turned 18? Legally, she's an adult, yet she still has a brain that's – well, let's just say a brain that's not fully cooked. [giggles] I guess that's why you can say we go away to college. It's like an incubator. A place to keep our bodies safe and our brains baking. Until we're able to make informed intelligent choices. But what happens when our bodies are ready, willing and able, yet our minds are not mature enough to make these right decisions, especially when faced with a friendly smile and irresistible temptations like... a T-shirt, or worse, plastic beads? You can't expect a girl, whose body that's trying to catch up to its brain, to understand concepts like consequences, particularly with a little booze involved, and some soft light, and a charming man with a camera.


  • Jay Roma: I guarantee there is not a hotter party in the world and no place I'd rather be than right here with the girls of Theta Alpha Nu! Ten smoking hot coeds and yours truly! I got a feeling we're gonna see some truly Crazy Chixx! Let's find out just how crazy!


  • Jay: Uh, all right, look, this is getting kinda dangerous. Tiffany?
  • Tiffany: I'm getting kind of used to that name. It's got a nice ring to it. My real name is Jessica. But you wouldn't remember that, would you, Jay? Tiffany, well... it's just a variation of a Greek name. Tisiphone. She was a goddess. The goddess of vengeance.
  • Jay: All right, uh... Kip!!
  • Tiffany: But I thought you wanted to meet Caroline.
  • Jay: Screw Caroline!
  • Tiffany: You already did!! You got me and Caroline drunk. Really drunk. Then you gave us some money. And then you ruined our lives! We had to drop out of school, change our names, and no matter where we moved or what we did, we could not get away from what we did for you! Of course, I handled it a lot better than she did.


  • Kip: I know you. Your name's not Erida, is it?
  • Erida: Very good, Kip. I'm gonna give you a little lesson in Greek mythology. You see, Erida was a Greek goddess... the goddess of hate. She could only be appeased once blood was spilled.
  • Kip: What are you gonna do?
  • Erida: Isn't it obvious?


  • Alexis: By the way, I'm Ashley. When you filmed me, that was my name.
  • Tiffany: It was her brilliant idea to use Greek names.
  • Alexis: Alexis, from the Greek name Alecto.
  • Erida: The goddess of unresting.
  • Alexis: I haven't rested since I met you, Jay.
  • Erida: Ash graduated magna cum laude in Ancient Greek. She's a member of Mensa, bonehead.
  • Alexis: I have a feeling I'll rest tonight.
  • Jay: What do you want?! What do you want?!!
  • Erida: Isn't it obvious?
  • Tiffany: We all appeared in your videos. Now it's your turn to be in ours.


  • Jay: Okay. All right. I know what you're doing, you dumb bitches! You think you're gonna embarrass me?! You think you're gonna film me and make me look like an idiot and ruin my reputation?! When I get out of here, you're gonna be dead! To hell with you, and to hell with your harlot friend Caroline!
  • Emily: And to think I had second thoughts about this.
  • Tiffany: I told you it would be worth it.
  • Jay: I'm gonna sue you! I oughta sue you for everything you've got! You wanna film me?! You wanna film me? Go ahead and film me, you stupid harlots!
  • Tiffany: Come on. Let's go upstairs and clean up.
  • Jay: Wait!
  • Tiffany: Congrats, Jay. This will definitely be your biggest hit ever.
  • Jay: Where are you going? Hey. Hey, come back here! No! Come back! Please! Hey! Come back...! [coughs and chokes] Hey! Help! Help!


  • Lilith: [giggles] Luckily, most people can't speak Greek. If Kip or Jay did, they may recognize that Theta Alpha Nu are the first three letters of the word Thanatos. That's Greek for death. Clever girls. Jay Roma. Made his first million at the age of 25. Made his first hundred million by the age of 32. But by 35, 20 million hits on his very last video. I guess these chicks are crazier than what he ever dreamed. And as the Greeks say – Kali nichta. Good night.

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