Category: City
Continent: North America
Country: Canada
Province: Alberta

Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. Edmonton is on the North Saskatchewan River and is the centre of the Edmonton Capital Region, which is surrounded by the central region of the province.

Actors who were born in Edmonton include Chandra West, who appeared on The Gates, actor Kavan Smith who had a recurring role on The 4400, 1980s icon and star of shows such as Family Ties and Spin City Michael J. Fox was born in Edmonton on June 9th, 1961. Farscape and Castle leading man Nathan Fillion was born in Edmonton on March 27th, 1971.

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  • One of Edmonton's notable sports teams is the Edmonton Oilers hockey team. Spawn: The Animated Series creator Todd McFarlane was co-owner of the Edmonton Oilers for some time.

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