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Daniel Sackheim
Daniel Sackheim
Aliases: Dan Sackheim
Gender: Male
Roles: Executive producer; Supervising producer; Director
Notable works: Las Vegas
Lie to Me
Night Stalker
The X-Files

Daniel Sackheim is a television producer, supervising producer and director.

As a director Edit

Bones Edit

  1. Bones: The Finder

House M.D. Edit

  1. House M.D.: Curse
  2. House M.D.: Forever
  3. House M.D.: Cane and Able
  4. House M.D.: Whac-A-Mole
  5. House M.D.: Words and Deeds
  6. House M.D.: Act Your Age
  7. House M.D.: The Jerk

Life Edit

  1. Life: Tear Asunder
  2. Life: A Civil War
  3. Life: Dig a Hole
  4. Life: Fill It Up
  5. Life: Find Your Happy Place
  6. Life: Jackpot
  7. Life: I Heart Mom

Night Stalker Edit

  1. Night Stalker: Pilot
  2. Night Stalker: Three

The Walking Dead Edit

  1. Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking
  2. Walking Dead: Isolation

The X-Files Edit

  1. The X-Files: Deep Throat
  2. The X-Files: Conduit

As an executive producer Edit

Night Stalker Edit

  1. Night Stalker: Pilot
  2. Night Stalker: The Five People You Meet in Hell
  3. Night Stalker: Three
  4. Night Stalker: Burning Man
  5. Night Stalker: Malum
  6. Night Stalker: The Source
  7. Night Stalker: The Sea
  8. Night Stalker: Into Night
  9. Night Stalker: Timeless
  10. Night Stalker: What's the Frequency, Kolchak?

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Other works Edit

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