"I've always wanted to see Canada but there's not much to see when you're locked in the trunk."
Special Agent Fox Mulder
Category: Country
Continent: North America
Points of interest: Alberta; British Columbia; Edmonton; Halifax; Manitoba; Montreal; New Brunswick; Nova Scotia; Ontario; Ottawa; Quebec; Saskatoon; Saskatchewan; Toronto; Vancouver; Winnipeg
Residents: Canadians; French Canadians; Draft dodgers
Notable apperances: 15/Love; 18 to Life; Alcatraz; The Border; Continuum; Degrassi: The Next Generation; Durham County; Forever Knight; Godiva's; Lost Girl; Paradise Falls; Saving Hope

Canada is a country located in the continent of North America and lies north of the continental United States, but southeast of Alaska. Whereas the US is divided into fifty individual states, Canada is divided into ten provinces. They are: Ontario, Québec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Newfoundland. Many movies and television programs, even American ones, are filmed in Canada due to the cost effectiveness of acquiring rites and permits from local governments. Many of these projects, such as the popular Fox Network television series The X-Files are filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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On the CBS comedy series How I Met Your Mother, the character of Robin Scherbatsky is Canadian. Canada is occasionally shown in flashbacks to her youth and childhood and the series often takes light-hearted shots at Canadian stereotypes, even going so far as to make a few up. One such stereotype is that Canadians are afraid of the dark, so they are careful to make sure that all Canadian eateries and drinking establishments are well-lit.

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On the 1990s animated television series X-Men, the character of Wolverine originally hailed from the country of Canada. This is in keeping with the character's origins as provided in other material including his appearances in the original X-Men comic books published by Marvel Comics as well as the X-Men feature films and spin-off projects. Canada was only briefly seen in the series, and usually in flashbacks to Wolverine's origin. In the comics, Wolverine was born in the province of Alberta.

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