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Batman (1966)

Batman first came to TV life in 1966 as a thirty-minute prime time, live action television series broadcast by the ABC Network. Premiering on January 12th, the series featured actor Adam West as the perennial character of Batman, while Burt Ward donned nylon stockings and fairy boots for his portrayal of the erstwhile sidekick, Robin.

From 1968 to 1969, Batman made his animated debut as one-half of the Batman-Superman Hour. These vignettes were alternatively known as The Adventures of Batman. This series featured the voice talents of Olan Soule as Batman and Casey Kasem as Robin. Other voice talents on the show included Jane Webb as Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, and Ted Knight as Commissioner Gordon.

Bruce Wayne - Batman 1966

Batman is the code name of a fictional superhero and the parent title of a multimedia franchise that includes comic books, films, animated projects, live-action TV programs, novels, video games and more. Batman first appeared in Detective Comics, Volume 1 #27 in May, 1939 and has been seen consistently in print and other forms of media ever since. Batman's real name is Bruce Wayne. As a child, he witnessed the gruesome murder of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, at the hands of a mugger and swore that he would dedicate his life towards fighting justice. To this end, Bruce trained himself to become the peak of athletic and mental perfection. To inspire fear in those who dared to cross him, he donned a dark cape and cowl and adopted the pseudonym, the Batman.