Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln
Birth name: Andrew Clutterbuck
Gender: Male
Roles: Actor
Date of birth: September 14th, 1973
Place of birth: London, England
Notable works: The Walking Dead This life

Andrew Lincoln, born Andrew Clutterbuck, is a British actor born to a South African mother in London, England on September 14th, 1973. He attended Beechen Cliff Secondary school in Bath in Somerset before going on to attend school at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. His first professional television work was playing a character named Terry in the "Births and Deaths" episode of the British satire series Drop the Dead Donkey.

In 2010, he took the lead role of Sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes in the AMC horror series The Walking Dead.

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  • Is of both English and South African descent.
  • Andrew Lincoln was completely unprepared for the sort of visceral entertainment he would be providing on The Walking Dead. When describing the scene in episode two, "Guts" where Lincoln and young co-star Steven Yeun were required to smear zombie intestines across their body to mask their scent, Lincoln expressed great discomfort saying, "Please! This is not what I signed up for!" [1]
  • Attended the Walking Dead media panel at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2010.
  • Andrew Lincoln was nominated for the category of Best Actor on Television at the 2011 Saturn Awards for his role on The Walking Dead. He lost to Stephen Moyer of True Blood.

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