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Disney's ABC Kids!
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Owned by

Disney–ABC Television Group
(Disney Media Networks)
(The Walt Disney Company)




More Wacko Than Broccoli!


United States


Children's programming block

Running time

5 hours (1997–2004, TBA-present)
4 hours (2004–2010)
3 hours (2010–2011)

Monday-Friday: 3 hours

ABC Kids (also known as Disney's ABC Kids!, and originally titled Disney's One Saturday Morning until September 7, 2002) is an American children's daytime E/I programming block that aired on ABC. It originally running from 1997 until 2011. Following Sony Pictures Entertainment's acquisition of Litton Entertainment, ABC Kids has to be revived and relaunched.



Time Show Rating
7:00 AM The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss TV-Y7 (E/I)
7:25 AM Breakfast with Bear TV-G (E/I)
7:30 AM Fraggle Rock TV-Y7 (E/I)
7:55 AM Schoolhouse Rock!
8:00 AM Mickey Mouse Works
8:25 AM The Funny Company
8:30 AM The Wuzzles
8:55 AM Breakfast with Bear TV-G (E/I)
9:00 AM The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa TV-Y7 (E/I)
9:25 AM Muppet Time!
9:30 AM Hamster & Gretel
9:55 AM Minnie's Bow-Toons
10:00 AM Jungle Cubs
10:25 AM Breakfast with Bear TV-G (E/I)
10:30 AM The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa TV-Y7 (E/I)
10:55 AM Muppet Time!
11:00 AM The Itsy Bitsy Spider
11:25 AM Breakfast with Bear TV-G (E/I)
11:30 AM Bonkers TV-Y7 (E/I)
11:55 AM Mickey Mouse (2013)



Time Show Rating
6:00 AM Muppet Babies (1984) TV-Y7 (E/I)
6:25 AM The Funny Company
6:30 AM Darkwing Duck
Walk the Prank
6:55 AM Mickey Mouse (2013)


Time Show Rating
3:00 PM House of Mouse TV-Y7 (E/I)
3:25 PM Schoolhouse Rock!
Chip 'N Dale's Nutty Tales
3:30 PM Inspector Gadget (1983)
3:55 PM The Funny Company
4:00 PM Dinosaurs TV-PG (E/I)
4:25 PM Mickey Mouse: Hot Diggity-Dog Tales
TV-Y7 (E/I)
Mickey Mouse (2013)
4:30 PM The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa
4:55 PM Mickey Mouse (2013)


These interstitials were shown during commercial breaks.

  • Muppets Moments
  • Toy Story Treats
  • Joke Time
  • Project Time
  • Toon Break
  • Behind the Ears
  • Disney-Noid - A background information segment, similar to Noggin's Nogginoid.
  • Frog Brain (with Kermit the Frog) - A trivial segment, similar to Kids WB's Brain Drain.
  • Mickey Says (with Mickey Mouse) - The purpose of Mickey Says is to teach kids about various things, from "don't use a gun" to "paying attention" to "staying in school".

Theme Days and Theme Weeks[]

  • Screwy Two-y Saturday - The “air one show for an hour” gimmick that they would soon overuse. It features two episodes in one show for each hour.
  • Cereal Bowl Thematic scheduling for Super Bowl. Despite the name, there was only one “Cereal Bowl”.

Holiday-themed Days[]

  • Cupid’s Gone Stupid Day! - Thematic scheduling for Valentine’s day. Also featuring cut-and-paste segments.
  • Ex-Screamly Scary Saturday (with Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas") - Thematic scheduling for Halloween. Also featuring cut-and-paste segments.
  • WashingToons Day! - Thematic scheduling for Presidents’ day. Also featuring cut-and-paste segments.
  • Yo! Mama's Day! - Thematic scheduling for Mother’s day. Also featuring cut-and-paste segments.
  • Turkey Day Food Fling (with Tigger and Gopher from the "Winnie the Pooh" franchise) - Thematic scheduling for Thanksgiving. Also featuring cut-and-paste segments. The first annual of the Turkey Day Food Fling marked the American television premiere of the Brazilian animated series, "Zuzubaland".
  • Mondo Marathons - A new year's week had a different 4 ep marathon each day.
  • Roger Rabbit's Easter Egg Hunt-stravaganza! (with Roger Rabbit from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?") - Thematic scheduling for Easter. Also featuring cut-and-paste segments.
  • My Dad's Gone Crazy! - Thematic scheduling for Father’s day. Also featuring cut-and-paste segments.
  • Olaf's Christmas Jam (with Olaf from "Frozen") - Thematic scheduling for Christmas. Also featuring cut-and-paste segments.


  • Zany Insany Prizies Giveaway - Disney's ABC Kids! will offer kids the chance to win in-a-big-big-way during the weekday Zany Insany Prizies Giveaway all month long in January. Disney's ABC Kids! will give kids the opportunity to win thousands of big prizes with Zany watch-and-win sweepstakes each week that will include five grand prizes – one grand prize winner each day – and 500 weekly prizes. Kids are invited to watch Disney's ABC Kids! every weekday afternoon and locate the “zany insany phrasy” of the day and enter the sweepstakes by logging onto or by sending in a postcard.

One-time Sweepstakes[]

  • Smurfette's Totally Smurfy Premiere-y Party Giveaway (with Smurfette) - A sweepstakes promotion during the premiere of the 2021 CG-animated TV series, The Smurfs.


  • ABC Kids block originally runs from 1997 to 2011. The block has to be relaunched.
  • This will feature the new ABC Kids logo that has the ABC logo with the Mickey Mouse ears next to the black rectangle with "Kids!" in the rainbow text.
  • During each show, the on-screen bug will be Black and White, like the Disney TV Networks.
  • Also, this block will have an E/I rating at the top. An "E/I" icon adorned on a mortarboard hat and a the ABC logo with the Mickey Mouse ears (based on the one seen in the logo used for the block) that bounced to the top of the screen to wear the E/I hat at the start of each act.
  • At the end of the opening titles of each program during the block, a tiny lightbulb icon appeared in a bottom corner of the screen (which during programs, often occurred during a static frame at the end of the program's title sequence) with an announcer saying, "Illuminating Television," in reference to the educational programming content within the block. Various animations in which the lightbulb was removed from the screen occurred after the bulb's chain was pulled by a hand of Mickey Mouse (including a hand of Pooh from The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh), differing depending on the program (such as the lightbulb turning into a rocket, falling into a garbage can, turning red, yellow or green when it's driving as a racing car, turning into a helicopter or jumping in a pool).
  • Following Disney's acquisition of Hyperion Pictures, The Itsy Bitsy Spider will make the ABC premiere, as a Saturday morning cartoon.
  • Following Disney's acquisition of The Jim Henson Company, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, Muppet Time! and Fraggle Rock will make their ABC premieres.
  • This block will use CGI-animated bumpers similar to Kids' WB! bumpers from 1997 to 2001, starring an CGI-animated version of the block's logo on a CGI-generated version of the Walt Disney studio lot. Sometimes, characters from the shows featured on the block would make appearances alongside the logo. It will also marked the return of the Earffel Tower from Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.
    • These ABC Kids bumpers are making use of a wide array of various zany cartoon sound effects (mainly from the Warner Bros. and Hanna-Barbera cartoons).