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"The Aftermath"
Series 30 Rock
Season 1, Episode 2
30 Rock 1x02 005
Air date October 18th, 2006
Writers Tina Fey
Director Adam Bernstein
Producers JoAnn Alfano; Brett Baer; Adam Bernstein; Jack Burditt; Irene Burns; Robert Carlock; Jennifer Danielson; Tina Fey; Dave Finkel; Matt Hubbard; Marci Klein; Jerry Kupfer; Lorne Michaels; David Miner; Margo A. Myers; Jeff Richmond; John Riggi; Andrew Singer
Starring Tina Fey; Tracy Morgan; Jane Krakowski; Jack McBrayer; Scott Adsit; Judah Friedlander; Alec Baldwin
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"Blind Date"

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  • Actors Kevin Brown, Grizz Chapman and John Lutz are uncredited for their participation in this episode.

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