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"The Skiplantic Ocean"
Series 1600 Penn
Season 1, Episode 2
File:1600 Penn 1x02 002.jpg
Air date January 10th, 2013
Writers Josh Gad; Jon Lovett
Director Jason Winer
Producers Victor Hsu; Laura Gutin Peterson; Bridget Bedard; Sanjay Shah; Peter A. Knight; Joe Port; Joe Wiseman; Josh Gad; Jon Lovett; Mike Royce; Jason Winer
Starring Bill Pullman; Jenna Elfman; Josh Gad; Martha MacIsaac; Amara Miller; Benjamin Stockham; Andre Holland
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"Putting Out Fires"
"So you Don't Want to Dance"

"Putting Out Fires" is the second episode of the comedy series 1600 Penn. The episode was directed by Jason Winer and written by series creators Jon Lovett and Josh Gad, who is also one of the stars of the show. It first aired on NBC on a special night on Monday, January 10th, 2013. In this episode, Skip causes a slight bit of scandal for the Gilchrists by getting into some college fraternity shennanigans and has to make up for it by doing a PSA safety advertisement. Becca is worried that she might be pregnant and takes a home pregnancy test and Emily has to explain to a first grader what a "trophy wife" is. Meanwhile, President Dale Gilchrist has a meeting with the President of Columbia.



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  • Actor Bill Pullman is no stranger to playing the role of the Chief Executive. He also played President Thomas J. Whitmore in the 1996 sci-fi/action film Independence Day.

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