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"Studentia Jockulus"
Series 15/Love
Season 1, Episode 1
File:15-Love 1x01 001.jpg
Air date September 6th, 2004
Writers Derek Schreyer
Director Paolo Barzman
Producers Pascal Breton; Olivier Brémond; Leanna Crouch; Jesse Fawcett; Arnie Gelbart; Renaud Mathieu; Derek Schreyer; Karen Troubetzkoy
Starring Laurence Leboeuf; Jaclyn Linetsky; Meaghan Rath; Vadim Schneider; Kyle Switzer
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"The Princess and the Clown"

"Studentia Jockulus" is the first episode of season one of the Canadian family series 15/Love. It was directed by Paolo Barzman with a script written by Derek Schreyer. It first aired on YTV on September 6th, 2004.

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